TTD Cottage Donor Management System Online Donor Room booking

TTD Cottage Donor Management Rooms Reservation, Pre-booking, Register online for Cottage Donor Management System online.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board has started many Digital services in Latest updates in their services were Donor Management System and Cottage donor management System. We have already known about Donor Management System. Let us check out the new Online Cottage Donor Management System opened in online.

Many Devotees have offered laks and thousands of rupees in Donations to TTD Board. TTD has received these donations to construct Cottages for accommodation and Rooms lodging facilities all over the shrine. Every Accommodation Building we see now was constructed by means of this Cottage Donors Donations.

Some privileges have been provided for each donor based on their donation scheme. According to ledgers TTD has around 50000 Donors who have given one lak and above for Cottages Development. These Donors have given opportunity to pre book their room reservation on their selected dates. The accommodation can be utilized for three to five times based on amount of Donation given by Devotee.

Online Registration for TTD Cottage Donor Management System:

Up to now bookings, reservations are carried out by physical means or offline methods such as Receipt pass book etc. Now to narrow down misusing TTD started Online Cottages Donor Management function. To register in this scheme Existing donors need to apply their form at website.

First they have to give their Donor ID, Donation Receipt certificate, Pass Book, Pre Room Reservation History etc at time of online registration.

This will establish SMS, Email communication facility with board and lessen the Hassles appear for room reservation. Donors have chance to use operators from ttd for their online needs. Manual presence and attestation is not need once applied in this mode.

TTD will inform the Cottage Donors for their basic profile verification according to its data. Then they have to give a self-declaration form signed with proper ID. Donors need to validate their Email and SMS by two step verification process.

After successful Verification TTD website will generate online login credentials for usage. A separate Operator desk is assigned to support registration process.

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