Archana Seva at Tirumala Detailed Information & Booking steps

Archana Seva in Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy Balaji temple Check now.

Sahasranaama Archana Seva or Archana seva is a daily seva done twice in Tirumala Balaji Temple. An auspicious seva done at morning time and evening time for lord Govinda.

History or Archana Seva in Tirumala temple:

Starting date of this pooja is not mentioned in any historical sources. But Praises about lord Balaji is not as same as Vishnu sahasranamalu. Exactly 1008 different names of god are repeated traditionally in Inner sanctum twice a day.

Sahasranama Archana Seva in Tirumala temple procedure:

The holy names of lord recited in this pooja were unique and all are based on different deeds done by lord on Venkatachalam Hill.

After completion of Thomala seva for lord, Archana seva is started with in instant. A brahmin or Acharya will recite lords names one by one. At this time there will be nobody between lord & Devotees.

In morning time Archana seva is observed 4:30 AM sharp. In Evening 4:30PM is observed sharp for performance. After Archana seva Three types of Mangala harati is given for idol.

When are Archana Seva tickets are released or How to book Archana Tickets?

Getting Archana Seva tickets is not an easy task. Over 80 devotees are given chance to appear or participate in this pooja. First go trough when is seva allowed to devotees.

This is a thrice a week seva i.e, Devotees are allowed three days in each week. Weekdays of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, are only allowed.

Tickets are not available for current booking at TTD Arjitham Office. No special quota is available for current booking in any circumstances.

Some people might have booked 15+ years in advance back in day. Now only two options are there for devotees to get a ticket.

First is booking in ttdsevaonline website. Every first friday around 10 tickets per each week day are released. If lucky a pair ticket can be booked.

Second is with Random allotment or Lucky Dip at CRO office. One must present at time of giving options for Lucky dip at CRO office in Tirumala.

Where to report for entry in Archana Seva?

For getting entry with seva ticket one must approach VQC 2 complex gate. There all arjitha seva ticket holders are allowed for darshan at specific times.

Cost per head in each ticket for darshan is 220/-.

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